Super Bowl Book Predictions


The day after the Super Bowl is full of Monday morning quarterbacking. And yes, the sports networks will even begin their predictions for next year. For the bookish among us, it’s amusing to start speculating on which players will sign book deals in the coming weeks. Usually, it’s the winning quarterback or maybe a more obscure player that is propelled into the pop culture consciousness by an amazing play, a la David Tyree.

This year, it’s a bit more murky. Winning quarterback Russell Wilson didn’t necessarily have a monster game, but he does have an interesting backstory to making it to the NFL and the championshiop. And at five-feet, eleven-inches tall, there is an underdog element there that could easily be packaged into the whole “overcoming adversity” and “people said it couldn’t be done” kind of thing.

Odds are that the player most likely to ink a book contract in the coming days is Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman who became the cultural conversation with his postgame comments after the NFC Championship Game. He is a regular contributor to Peter King’s MMQB endeavor at CNNSI, so we know he can write. And he seems to enjoy the national discourse of sports, race, and politics.

So if you’re looking for a bet in the coming weeks now that the Super Bowl is over, then look for Richard Sherman to sign a book deal.

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