Are You a Results Person? Or a Journey Person?

As I’ve been stuck in book finalization mode and promotion mode over the spring and early summer, I got behind in my blog reading. As I’ve been catching up on some of my favorite blogs, a particular post caught my attention. These are both kinda old, maybe you hadn’t seen it before, just as I hadn’t.

Agent and author Betsy Lerner tackled the thorny issue of motivation for results or motivation for “the journey.”. Read through the comments to get a wide range of thoughts on this issue.

Personally, I’m about 60 – 40 (which, I think another commenter also said) in favor of results. I’m simply not zen enough to get fully immersed in a journey that yields nothing, with no hope of yielding nothing. I’d like to say that I would keep going to the gym and putting in two hours on a spinning cycle even if I never lost a single ounce of weight, but I just don’t believe that’s true. Not for me, anyway. I tend to fluctuate by the day (or even by the hour) in terms of sometimes I can get fully and wholly lost in an endeavor with absolutely not expectation for any result. But other times, I gotta be seeing the scale declining or the pages accumulating or the flowers blooming or whatever.

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