The Major Release Today


This is a website about books and publishing, so you would think all the news regarding a major release would focus on Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol. However, I think there are enough publishing outlets covering that news event so I’m going to indulge in another one of my passions today.

My obsession with guitars, along with my love of rock and metal music, is pretty well known. So for me, the major release of the day is not Brown’s latest conspiracy novel, but rather Ace Frehley’s new record, Anomaly. I spoke with Frehley about his love of gadgets and electronic tinkering for CrunchGear so be sure to check out the profile. It was a treat doing the interview as I’ve been a KISS fan for decades.

And if you’re into that type of music, pick up a copy of Anomaly today. The disc harkens back to Frehley’s 1978 solo record when he was still in KISS but also has a number of surprisingly modern touches. The first single, “Outer Space,” features drop-D tuning while other songs boast an intriguing amount of clean tones and acoustic guitars. Even a sitar-effect makes an appearance in the epic “Ghengis Khan.”

Frehley intends to tour in support of the new record, so check his website often as dates are announced.

Photo by Kevin Britton

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