Blades to Sign at Book Soup

bladesL.A. Guns guitarist Stacey Blades is signing his debut book, Snake Eyes: Confessions of a Replacement Rockstar tonight at Book Soup in Los Angeles. If you’re in the L.A. area, be sure to stop by the event. You can find more info on the booksigning by clicking here. Or, call the store at 1-800-764-BOOK if you can’t make it but want a signed copy mailed to you.

Besides being an all-around cool guy, Blades brings an interesting perspective to Snake Eyes. From the time he was struck by lightning as a child to his years electrifying stages around the world, he’s seen it all. And his book reveals an interesting strata of musical careers that we regularly see. The superstars, the huge names who perform to hundreds of thousands of people and who sell millions of records, litter the bestseller lists. So we know about their private planes, Bentleys, and cocaine habits. And the starving beginner struggling to get gigs at coffee shops is a common pop culture archetype. We’ve seen that story before.

But Stacey Blades introduces us to a world of hard working, determined musicians. These guys aren’t hopping on their oppulent Gulfstream G4 and getting manicures as they travel to gigs. But they are performing in exotic locales such as Kyoto and Scandinavia. They may not get crushed by the paparazzi but they are adored by fans around the world. It’s a rockstar experience that we seldom experience.

So be sure to stop by Book Soup if you’re on Sunset tonight. Say hello to Stacey and get a signed book. And if a lighting storm rolls up, be sure to head for cover.

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