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Palahniuk Reading and Craziness on Stage – Slushpile
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Palahniuk Reading and Craziness on Stage

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Galley Cat had a nice recounting of Chuck Palahniuk’s recent reading at Webster Hall in New York City.

Palahniuk’s appearances have been far from “standard” for years now. And, thankfully, more and more authors are taking similar approaches to their readings. We’re seeing the old boring event with a monotone reading, a few questions, and people standing around staring at the floor starting to fade away. Replacing those tediuos events are more interactive affairs that use comedy, music, props, and god knows what else to liven up the show.

Of course, sometimes people go overboard and fail miserably in their attempt to transform a reading into a Vegas production. But for the most part, the effort to do something different is much appreciated.

(photo from Galley Cat)