HarperCollins Digital Catalogs


Yesterday, Publishers Weekly posted an article on the plan to move to digital catalogs at Harper Collins. The article stated that this new “digital alternative that will feature a handful of PR-like bells and whistles, as well as various search capabilities.”

On first glance, I’m thrilled about this move. I must admit that my mailbox gets crammed full of catalogs and I never seem to make my way through them all. Inevitably, the catalogs pile up beside the stack of magazines, the stack of galleys, the stack of pizza boxes, and the stack of Gilmore Girls DVDs to the point where my house becomes nothing more than stacks scattered around.

I’m sure that other reviewers, bloggers, and book buyers will lament the loss of paper copies because they like to mark them up, tag them, and pass them around colleagues. And I certainly understand that feeling. But, I for one, think this is a cool idea.

You can check out the HarperCollins catalog website here.

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