Raymond Carver Biography Sold

Publishers Marketplace reported news yesterday of a new Raymond Carver biography being sold:

“Michael Hemmingson’s RAYMOND CARVER: A Critical Biography, an interpretative approach to Raymond Carver’s life, placing the writer’s biography within the context of American history, politics, economics, and the literary landscape of the time, examining the content of the short stories in relation to what was happening in Carver’s life, how much was autobiography and how much fiction, and how alcohol affected the common themes of Carver’s work,” the website reported. The book is scheduled for publication in 2011.

I can’t imagine what Hemmingson might reveal that’s new about Carver’s life. As a bit of a fanatic, I think I’ve heard every story. But nonetheless, I’m always thrilled at a new perspective examining Carver’s work so I’m definitely looking forward to this book’s release.

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