Super Bowl Books

So, we’re now accepting bets on how long it will be before deals for Super Bowl related books will be announced. I’m guessing we’ll hear news within the next two weeks.

Last year, New York Giants wide receiver went from relative football obscurity to national hero with his astounding catch in the Super Bowl when his team faced the New England Patriots. Shortly thereafter, Tyree signed a deal for More than Just the Catch: A True Story of Courage, Hope, and Achieving the Impossible.

Sunday’s Super Bowl featured a similar situation. Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Santonio Holmes was a known commodity amongst football fans. But he wasn’t a celebrity on any larger scale. But after breaking out for nine receptions, 131 yards, and one touchdown, Holmes was named the game’s MVP. His game-winning touchdown catch with seconds left in the game is being called one of the great plays in the history of the Super Bowl. Holmes has been making the rounds of the talkshows and press ops after the game.

Earlier in Super Bowl week, Holmes admitted that he sold drugs as a youth in south Florida. So it’s a safe bet he’ll sign a book about his troubled years and how he ended up as a Super Bowl MVP.

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner is also a good bet to pen an inspirational book about his career and faith. Anyone got any other guesses?

Update: Actually, it appears that Kurt Warner already had a book deal before the Super Bowl.

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