Calling All Book Groups

I had seen this article before the holidays, but hadn’t commented on it. Howevever, a “it’s a small world” experience over the holidays made me revisit the piece.

Over Christmas, a relative from the Philadelphia area visited me at the Mansion. She said there was an interesting article in the paper at these authors willing to talk to any and all book groups as a way of spreading the word about their work.

“One of the writers mentioned wrote this book called Matrimony. Have you heard of it?”

I laughed and mentioned that Joshua Henkin and I talked somewhat regularly via email. Hence, the “it’s a small world” experience.

The Philadelphia Inquirer article details how Henkin spoke to more than 80 books groups. Kelly Simmons, author of Standing Still is also featured in the piece and she interacted with almost 70 groups.

It’s an interesting, but admittedly time consuming, way of building an audience for a current book, and future work as well.

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