Freelancer Collection Attempts

Ed has an article about the difficulties collecting payment for freelance writing. In this case, it looks like it might work out well in the end. But the experience is still infuriating.

The difficult economic times are putting a toll on everyone. But freelancers getting stiffed isn’t a recent phenomenon. Even during the good times, it can be a challenge to get paid, because too many publications don’t care about the writers.

There are several places that owe me money. One of them sent a letter to freelancers explicitly saying they were not going to be able to cover the expected payments. At least that they tried to notify people. Another magazine shorted me some cash on several articles after I hounded them for months. And these interactions were well before the recent downturn in the economy.

Luckily, I’m supported by the tremendous wealth in the coffers, which I have recently relocated to a highly secure Mason jar in the backyard and into offshore accounts after the failure of several American banks. But even if the money isn’t an issue, the principle of freelancers doing work and not receiving compensation is an all-around shitty aspect of this job.

Keep fighting the good fight, Ed.

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