Blame it on the Bookkeeper

Having a hard time accepting that last rejection? Then stop hating the editors and blame it on the bookkeeper.

Poets & Writers is reporting that a bookkeeper run amok was responsible for rejecting writers who submitted to Academy Chicago.

According to the article, the issue came to light when the editors “noticed that their ‘big pile of submissions’ wasn’t getting any bigger—despite the fact that they were receiving a slew of manuscripts from interested authors—they grew suspicious.”

The bookkeeper admitted to rejecting about ten submissions, but the editors think it might have been closer to thirty.

I’ve long thought that my postman was surreptiously sabotaging my writing career by squirreling away literary correspondence (or, like William Faulkner’s stint at the post office, just dumping it in the trash) but I never suspected the accounting staff at the various places I submit to.

[via Galley Cat]

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