Book Blogs, Funds, and the Future


Galley Cat raises an interesting question about the future of book marketing and the blogs that publishers are increasingly relying on to spread the word. With newspaper coverage shrinking, publishers are using more and more online outlets to provide detailed, informed discussion of their titles. However, how long can that last given the financial pressures of blogging?

The bottom line is that competent blogging takes time. And for most bloggers, it doesn’t generate any income. So at some point, you reach a point where you have to decide on devoting time and energy to paying the bills or writing a book that hopefully might someday pay at least a portion of the bills or writing a blog post that probably won’t pay any bills. It’s not uncommon for book blogs to shut down, or go silent for long periods of time.

It’s an interesting debate. Check out the Galley Cat article and assorted links for more discussion.

And while we’re on the subject, please keep an eye on Ed’s site in the coming days and weeks for news of the Save Segundo Plans. This is a prime example of the problem at hand.

The Bat Segundo Show is one of the few places to find in-depth recorded interviews with some of the biggest bookish names. We’re talking authors such as Tobias Wolff, Amy Bloom, Richard Russo, Naomi Wolf, David Lynch, Richard Ford, William Vollman, and others. Unfortunately, financial realities forced the sad announcement of the show’s indefinite hiatus. So keep your eyes peeled for ways you can help.

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