No Good Deals on eBay


I’m afraid that eBay has been letting me down lately. I used to entertain myself by perusing the Books section and examining the auctions where someone was selling their manuscript or life story. I would go to the Books section, search without selecting any of the categories (so you basically get every single book related item on the site), and sort the results by price, highest first.

Generally, there were at least one or two people on there selling a manuscript, film rights, or “the rights to my life story.” Frequently, they offered a story that simply “must be told” and that would inspire/heal/inform thousands of people. These auctions generally started at a minimum of fifty grand. And it wasn’t unusual to see someone seeking millions in compensation.

The auctions usually included details such as this one that I happened to save: “Upon winning my auction, I will email you my phone number and we can converse and talk about the story, and within a few days I’ll email you the movie that’s in my head but is just DYING to be shown upon the big screen!”

But more recently, I haven’t been able to find any such book deals on eBay. Could these aspiring-author-auctioneers be hoarding their ideas until the economy turns around? Will we see a deluge of deals again on the ‘Bay? I’m keeping my fingers crossed because I miss the good ole days.

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