Jacobs to Get Healthy

header.pngPublishers Marketplace had the news that bestselling author A.J. Jacobs has signed a book deal with Simon & Schuster for two new works. First up is The Healthiest Human Being in the World, where Jacobs visit doctors, nutritionists, DNA folks, and every kind of other health professional whil also “dissecting the meaning of the word ‘healthiest.'” I spoke with A.J. yesterday and expressed how I’ve recently been feeling a bit sluggish and that my thoughts had recently turned to becoming more healthy. But I voiced my concern over giving up Mt. Dew. “I thought that was nutritious,” Jacobs responded in mock terror.

The deal also included a collection of his previously published essays along with some new work.  

You might recall my interview with Jacobs at the end of last year. And I’m still amazed at the crowd of people he attracted to a nondescript suburban bookstore on a Tuesday night when I went to see Jacobs read and sign books.

Some critics complain about how Jacobs (along with others) have spawned a host of imitators with hairbrained schemes to “do something strange for some determined period of time.” But you can’t blame him for the copycats. Jacobs’s work is humorous and endearing so it’ll be interesting to see these two new books.


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