Just Do Your Job

People often ask me how to get a freelancer writing career (any writing career for that matter) off the ground. And one of the simplest yet most effective strategies is to simply do your job.

I’m editing a project and one writer is habitually late and always at least doubles the word count he is assigned. It makes life for me and everyone else involved in the project difficult. So in your own writing career, don’t be that guy.

Make your deadlines. Hit your word counts. Edit your copy.

None of this is shockingly original information. This isn’t some insider secret that no one knows about. In fact, you’re probably rolling your eyes as you read this, choking on your coffee at the sheer elementary nature of this post. But the fact is that far too many writers do not do the simple things of doing their job. So their numbskullery can be played to your benefit.

If you do in fact do what you’re supposed to, then you’ll go a long way in establishing your writing career.

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