20 Books in 6 Years

Seattle Weekly has an interesting article about Jennifer Worick, an author who has published about 20 books in six years.

It’s an intriguing look into the diligent writers who pump out all those books that are frequently displayed around the counter at bookstores. Obviously, this style isn’t for everyone. Some people prefer to labor for years over their work of great literature. While other writers like pumping out quick, humorous guides about getting a haircut. But it seems Worick has a pretty good gig.

One weird thing about this article… did I just miss the memo about when “demo” became a hip way to describe a group of people? I know all about demographics, but the abbreviated term seems odd. Especially when you use it three times in a 702 word article.

“Ask whether there’s an identifiable book-buying demo of readers,” the author writes in the second paragraph. Later, there’s this sentence: “Backcountry Betty: Roughing It in Style ($14.95) gently prepares women in what might be called the Match.com demo to date and endure what might be called the Uptight Seattleite demo.”

Maybe it’s just a Seattle thing.

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