Oprah and Cormac

There were several news reports yesterday that Oprah Winfrey has selected Cormac McCarthy’s The Road as her next book club selection. Publishers Weekly reported that the paperback edition was originally not slated for release until September, but as part of the Oprah push, Anchor is rushing out 950,000 copies of the book.

Most amazing of all is that the famously reclusive McCarthy actually agreed to appear on Oprah’s television show for his first-ever TV interview. That conversation has the potential for some interesting, even awkward, interactions. Professor John Wenger from Angelo State University in San Angelo, Texas is the former editor of the Cormac McCarthy Journal Online. He is one of the rare literary scholars to ever speak with McCarthy. Wenger told reporters that, “If she asks him any touchy-feely questions, I don’t think he’ll have much to say. I would be shocked if they talk about his personal life.”

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