2006 Writing Review


As 2006 comes to an end, it’s useful to reflect on this past year and evaluate our writing successes and shortcomings. For me, I had a mixed but mostly positive year.

On the positive side, I published pieces in Paste, Inked  and Columbus Monthly along with several write-ups for Stuff. I also had a piece accepted for publication in a forthcoming issue of Tin House. About ten book reviews appeared on PopMatters and I interviewed eleven writers and publishing industry experts for this site. I was honored to accept invitations to guest-blog on Beatrice and to join the Litblog Co-Op.

In regards to less measureable matters, I made a number of solid industry contacts that might prove to be fruitful in the future. And most important of all, I made a lot of great new friends that all love books and writing.

On the areas for improvement side, I didn’t finish as much of my novel as I had hoped. My submissions to Penthouse Letters and Cat Fancy were rejected, I didn’t get the gig ghostwriting for OJ, and I was crushed to have been left out of GalleyCat’s rundown of cute writers. So I definitely have some things to work on in 2007.

How did 2006 treat you and your writing? 

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