Cracking Open a Hard Case

Grave Descend (Hard Case Crime (Paperback)) 

So I know this probably marks me as the un-hippest cat around. But, prior to last evening, I hadn’t read any of the Hard Case Crime books. As their website states, “Hard Case Crime brings you the best in hardboiled crime fiction, ranging from lost noir masterpieces to new novels by today’s most powerful writers, featuring stunning original cover art in the grand pulp style.” Some of you may remember when this young company published Stephen King’s The Colorado Kid.

Last night, I went to the bookstore in search of something to read on an upcoming flight. I was having some difficulty finding the right combination of books to tote into the friendly skies when I remembered Bookgasm’s review of John Lange’s Grave Descend. So I tossed the book on my pile and anticipated reading at 35,000 feet later this week.

But I just couldn’t wait. So I opened the pages and didn’t put it down until the book was finished. It was a perfect read for a lazy, chilly evening. Fun, adventurous, entertaining, and exotic. Just perfect. Check out Bookgasm’s review for more details, but in short, this was just a wonderful read for an evening.

The only problem is that now I have to go back to the bookstore to load up on more Hard Case before my flight. But I am glad that I finally got with the program and discovered this wonderful publisher.

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