Enough with This Whole “Tell Your Story” Stuff

I’ve been bitching about this for a while now… I’m sick of all these criminals and cretins who, after their screw-ups and traumas, then get a chance to go on television or to write a book and “tell their side of the story.” I’m also worn out with people, who are undoubtedly wonderful human beings, but think they need to “tell their story” because they experienced something traumatic.

Jessa at Bookslut takes exception with one book and wonders if reviewers are giving it a free pass because of the medical horrors the author faced.

“Perhaps people would feel bad giving a survivor of breast cancer a bad review. But just because you lived through something doesn’t mean you should write a book about it. I’m getting more and more weary with this ‘tell your story’ bullshit. Yes, tell your story… to your grandkids or your nephew or your cat. The world at large doesn’t need to know about it unless you’re particularly good at the telling.”

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