You Know Where Nice Guys Finish

You might recall the interview with editor Jeremie Ruby-Strauss that I posted back in May. Jeremie’s in the news again as Publishers Marketplace reports he recently signed up Tucker Max’s new book for Simon Spotlight Entertainment.

The book, titled Assholes Finish First, is scheduled for release in January 2008. The Publishers Marketplace report does not include any financial information, but on his blog, Max claims a $300,000 advance for the new work. That’s a huge jump from the $7,500 advance Max received for his first book, I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell. But since that book was one of the surprisingly rare blog-turned-book success stories, then three hundred grand might be about right.

How many news stories circulate about this or that blogger receiving a massive book deal and then the sales are humiliatingly low? For example, Ana Marie Cox reportedly received more than two hundred grand for Dog Days but the sales were rumored to be in the low thousands. Meanwhile, Gawker provides a run down of blogger deals.

At least Max earned his second book pile ‘o cash through the performance of his first book.

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