Dzanc Books Launches


Dan Wickett, founder of the Emerging Writers Network and the hardest working man in the literary blogosphere, has banded together with two other book lovers to launch Dzanc Books. Their goal with this new 501(c) not-for-profit literary venture is to assist literary journals in reaching the largest reader base possible, to develop educational reading and writing programs in schools, and to publish two works of worthy literary fiction per year. 

Be sure to check out their website to learn more about this honorable endeavor. The cool thing about this new organization is that Dan and his colleagues have the skills and the business acumen to actually make this work. I’m putting money down that Dzanc Books isn’t just some well-intentioned labor of love that will disintegrate in a few months because this guy just got a new job or that person just had a baby or that dude doesn’t have time anymore. Dan and company are proven talents in the support of great literature and Dzanc Books will undoubtedly accomplish immensely positive things.

So, check out their website. Of particular interest to the readers of this site, be sure to pay attention to Dzanc Books’s submissions guidelines. Here’s a publishing company that is definitely looking for something more than Nicole Ritchie novels and JonBenet Ramsey exposes.

Let’s all lift whatever we’ve got in front of us and congratulate Dan and his pals. Good luck guys.

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