Strauss Sells TV Show

You might recall my interview with bestselling author Neil Strauss that posted around this time last year. Strauss’ The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists continues to sell well, hovering at #80 on the Amazon sales ranking, almost a year after its release. And while you may not strive to transform into a ladykiller-extraordinaire, you could do far worse than modeling yourself, as a writer, after Strauss.

Here’s a writer who has already been on the best seller list four times. And instead of sitting back and coasting, he continues to work his ass off. Strauss currently has five books under contract, he’s the executive producer of one major motion picture and consultant on another, he wrote a cover story on Madonna for the  December 1, 2005 issue of Rolling Stone, interviewed Bruce Sringsteen for the May 4, 2006 edition, and scored what Tom Petty says “is the last interview I am doing for a long time” for the July 13, 2006 issue.

On top of all that, Variety recently reported that Strauss created a television show to appear on FX. Strauss developed the idea for The Product with guitarist Dave Navarro and Entourage scribe Cliff Dorfman. Variety states the show “revolves around international rock icon Load as it embarks on recording its next album. Problem is that the band members, who are in their early 30s, haven’t spoken to each other in at least three years.” Other articles stated the show should be on the air in late spring.

So maybe you’re not interested in rock stars or changing from an AFC to a mPUA. But regardless of the genre we work in, Neil Strauss’ work ethic, creativity, and determination should be admired. 

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