eBay Book Deals


One of these days, I’m going to ask around and see if one of these book deals offered on eBay has ever actually sold.

Right now, there are seven book/movie deals for sale on the auction site. They range from the film and residual rights for a series of 1950’s pulp novels auction with the bidding starting at $3 million to a $25,000 auction for purchasing someone’s life story that includes “abuse, family members killed by drunk driver and hold up’s mental institutions jail beatings high speed chases shot at knife held to throat jumped by gang members almost killed a few time s father beaten into coma family in and out of foster homes being molested brother killed in front of me all of this is true” to someone who wants $10,000 to complete a novel because “I am in search of a respected publisher who will pay me an advance, therefore providing me with the motivation to wrap this thing up!”

Any one of you want to be a publisher or film producer? Bidding on these deals is just a click away!

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