New James Rollins Book Released

Black Order : A Novel (Sigma Force Novels) 

You might remember the interview I did last summer with author James Rollins. At the time, we talked about his novel Map of Bones. I’m not usually a fan of adventure stories, but this one was fantastic. Epic in scale and inventive in plot, I closed that book and said to a friend, “this guy deserves every penny for writing that blockbuster.” It’s a fantastic read.

So I was pleased to see that Rollins has a new book on the shelves for this summer. His new novel, Black Order, includes some of the same characters from Map of Bones and looks like it will be equally grand in scale. I’m afraid a beach isn’t in my near future, but if it were, I’d definitely be toting this book along. But even without tropical sands and breezes, I’m adding this one to my reading list.

Learn more about Rollins’ work by visiting his website.

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