Ice Movie Continues to Make Progress

The Ice at the Bottom of the World : Stories 

In spite of my glee the other day at the news that Lionsgate has optioned the rights to Larry Brown’s novel, The Rabbit Factory, I find it’s usually best to remain cautious about Hollywood’s interaction with the book world. So many books and stories are optioned, but never actually made into a film. And the speed of movement can be absolutely glacial at times.

Therefore, I was encouraged to see this article about the film version of Mark Richard’s The Ice at the Bottom of the World: Stories continuing to make progress. In fact, shooting is scheduled for fall. Alan Parker, who directed Pink Floyd: The Wall, Mississippi Burning, The Commitments, The Life of David Gale, among others, is slated to lead the film. New Line International has signed on to provide worldwide distribution and marketing.

Great, great news for a fantastic writer and a great book. Strays is one of my favorite stories in that collection. And if you ever get a chance to hear Mark give a reading of his short story The Birds for Christmas (originally published in The New Yorker and collected in Charity) then drop whatever you’re doing and go! Hearing Mark read his work is a treat you shouldn’t miss.

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