Woodrell Profiled in The Independent

Give Us a Kiss: A Country Noir 

This is a few days old but I don’t know how I previously missed it since Daniel Woodrell is one of my favorites. But, some lucky reporter from The Independent got to travel to the Ozarks to interview Woodrell.

Man, I can still remember the exact moment that I saw Give Us a Kiss in the bookstore. I’ve always been a bit ambivalent about the descriptive subtitles that publishers often tack on.  The whole colon followed by “a novel” kind of left me cold. But this book had the coolest design I’d seen in a long while and it carried with it the description “a country noir.” Fantastic. We sold the hell out of that book and it turned into a real staff favorite.

And the most exciting thing about that book was that Woodrell’s writing lived up to, and even exceeded, the cool design and packaging of the book. As does all of his work. I have a couple of writing deadlines this week, but this interview really makes me want to take some Woodrell books down off the shelf and re-lose myself in the Ozarks again.

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