A Bag Full of Bats


Between Tuesday’s 6-6-06 festivities, revisiting a few of my favorite occult books that would have scared the bejesus out of my sweet Southern-Baptist grandma, and preparing a Demon Theory interview, I’m afraid I’ve been locked in an epic struggle with Asmodeus and his legion of evil soldiers from the Ninth Plane of Hell. Therefore, I haven’t been able to focus on physically smaller, but no less important, minions of the dark side.

However, now that I’m free of such devilish struggles, I can turn my attentions to the scourge of all bats, namely the literary Loki known as Bat Segundo. A boiling cauldron of podcasts awaits you at Bat’s website and I’m not even going to try to single any particular recording out. He’s recently been featuring a number of BEA recordings, but they’re all entertaining.

So do as I’m doing… when you slay your own personal demons (yep, put down that bottle all you Faulkner/Fitzgerald types out there) take a couple of hours and sift through the Bat Segundo site. Lots of great podcasts there.

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