Who Is Still Buying This Book?

A Million Little Pieces 

In yesterday’s New York Times, James Frey’s controversial memoir A Million Little Pieces clocked in at number ten on the Paperback Nonfiction best seller list. The book has spent 32 weeks on the charts and the newspaper’s description of the memoir is that it “contains numerous fabrications.” It has been about 13 weeks since Oprah’s well-publicized scouring of Frey on national television, yet this book continues to be on the best seller list.

Who is still buying it? I don’t hear anyone talking about this book anymore, I don’t see it prominently featured in stores, and no one asks me about it. Observers used to wonder how The Da Vinci Code could possibly cling to the best seller list for so long. But with Dan Brown’s novel, I did hear people talking about it. I knew people who said “well, let’s see what all the hoopla is about” and purchased the book years after it’s initial release. But with Frey’s memoir, I don’t hear a thing.

I guess someone is still buying it.

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