Well, I’m Not Sure About the Justly Part, But Definitely Famous


Gawker reminds us that in December, New York magazine provided reasons to love New York. One of the reasons included in their roundup was Because at Least One Person On This Page Will Be Justly Famous By 2010. The list includes 27 young people who were pegged to be major players in their various industries.

Coming in at #16? “In her freshman year at Harvard, Little, Brown gave Viswanathan a $500,000 two-book deal. She finished the first, a novel, How Opal Mehta Got Kissed, Got Wild and Got a Life, during finals.”

As we all certainly know now, the finals in questions must have been covering that elementary school, traditional collage art form of cutting things out and pasting them onto your page. She just pasted into a novel instead of onto a piece of posterboard.

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