Back to the Grindstone


Back to work… in whatever exhausted condition I’m in…

I’ll fill you in on all the details of my excursion in a couple of days after I’ve had time to upload the photos and go through everything. It’s good to be back, but I hope you’ll forgive a light day here at Let’s see if I can quickly recap my trip home:

A 4 hour drive to the airport, a 1 hour flight, a layover of 3 hours, a 9 hour flight, a 1 hour refueling stop where we couldn’t get off the plane, a 8.5 hour flight, a layover of 2.5 hours, a 1.5 hour flight, and then finally, home.

Arrived back to the library early on Sunday evening and I’ve got to be at work by 7:00am on Monday morning. Jet lag doesn’t normally bother me, it’s just that I can’t sleep on planes, so that small problem is what’s crossing my eyes right now.

Hope you all had a great week while I was gone. And we’ll be back up to fullspeed tomorrow. Thanks for checking back with me! 

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