The Dreamlife of Rupert Thomson


James Hines’ fabulous The Dreamlife of Rupert Thomson was posted on the Boston Review‘s website yesterday. It’s a great examination of an amazing writer.

Early in the piece, there’s a great quote from Thomson on the nature of fiction and dreams: “Whenever I start a new book I have nightmares. Night after night. For a long time I didn’t understand why. Recently I came up with a theory. To write fiction of any power and authenticity you have to draw on the deepest, most secret parts of yourself. That’s where fiction comes from, but it’s also where dreams are made. Small wonder, then, if there’s a certain amount of cross-fertilisation between the two.”

(via Maud)

[Update: There seems to be a problem with Boston Review‘s website. Although I was on the site last night, now I’m getting a DNS error. Keep trying it. I would assume they’ll have it corrected soon.]

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