1st Annual EWN Short Fiction Contest


Dan, the hardest working man in the literary blogosphere, posted an exciting announcement over at the Emerging Writers Network. The 1st Annual EWN Short Fiction Contest is now open. Entry fee is $10 and the winner receives $500 as well as publication in the Spring 2007 issue of The Frostproof Review.

A hip reader with impeccable taste, Dan is taking the first cut at all the entries. He’ll select a group of finalists that will be judged by Charles D’Ambrosio, author of The Point: And Other Stories.

Check out Dan’s post for all the specifics. But I can tell you two things: first, D’Ambrosio is a hidden master. Every time I pick up The Point, I’m blown away. He doesn’t get anywhere near the credit he deserves. A chance for him to judge your work is not to be missed. Second, I can assure you that your entry fee and story will be handled respectfully and legitimately. You can feel confident that there won’t be any writing-competition-shenanigans here. Dan, Charles, and the folks at The Frostproof Review are honorable, hard-working, and dedicated to literature. They’re not going to run off to Tahiti with your entry fees and they’re not going to give the award to their spouses. So get your best stories ready and may the best writer win!

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