How Much You Wanna Bet She Doesn’t Go Through With It?

(alternate text)Publishers Marketplace reported that former Bachelor and Bachelorette star Jenn Schefft signed a book deal with William Morrow. Entitled Better Single Than Sorry, Schefft plans to explain that there is more to enjoy in life than just being in a relationship for the sake of avoiding loneliness.

Schefft was originally introduced to America in the third season of ABC’s The Bachelor where she won the heart of Andrew Firestone. However, that relationship ended in heartbreak. What better way to mend a broken heart then to return to national television? So she reappeared as the star of The Bachelorette but ultimately rejected proposals from both of the final contestants. She first sent John Paul Merritt packing. Schefft then selected Jerry Francis as the show’s winner and whom she told “I so want that ring and I so want this to work and I hope you know how committed to this and to you I am.” However, after three months, she dumped him as well.

Advances are typically paid out in two installments: one check when the contract is signed and the second check when the manuscript is delivered. Sometimes, they’ll pay advances in thirds so the company can hang on to the money until publication.

Now, I’m not trying to tell William Morrow how to conduct their business, but if I’m the editor, then by god she’s getting one check payable at publication. Not one dime until she sees that book through to completion.

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