If TS Eliot Lived in a Frat House


I found this item from the wonderful Bookninja who noticed it on the informative Bookslut. Before that, it was probably on Booknanny, Bookdentist, and Bookprude. Maybe Bookforestranger. It’s a hilarious item…

The Closest Jay Comes to a Love Song by Lauren Frey gives us an idea of what Prufrock would have said had he worn Abercrombie instead of Brooks Brothers.

Let’s go babe, you and I,
When the night’s straddling the sky
Like a passed-out drunk guy.
Let’s walk down frat row.
Yeah, let’s go
And remember our night in the HiHo Motel
And that wack restaurant with bad oysters. Hell!
Frat row that flows like a stream of spilt beer
When the keg is empty
To point us to the question…
But don’t ask “Where’s the other keg?”
I’d rather sit here and fondle your leg.

At the rager the chicks come and go
Talking about art or something, I don’t know.

Great, great stuff.

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