eBay Publishing Opportunities

I’m always intrigued by the people who endeavor to auction on eBay the rights to publish their manuscript. Or, sometimes, you’ll see someone seeking to sell the film rights. Often, they’re folks, like this industrious author, that may have self-published other books. The eBay entry mentions a couple of previous books printed through AuthorHouse and now seeking $130,000 for this new one.

Sometimes, the offers are a little odd, like this 20 page, $5,000 manuscript.

Rarely do I see an auction listing as elaborate as this opportunity to publish the fly-fishing bible. The seller claims they’ve had offers from NYC publishing companies for more than a hundred grand, but the bidding here starts for merely $50,000. I do have to give them credit for a bigtime eBay listing, though. This thing is huge and cool-looking. They’re certainly doing all they can to earn that cash.

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