Running Back Tries to Score a Seduction Touchdown

Bookslut featured a post that they learned about from The Virginia Quarterly Review blog which I thought was interesting. 

Former Seattle Seahawk running back Kerry Carter is releasing a book of poetry, entitled Fiery Scenes of Seduction, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Carter, who was released by the Seahawks on September 3, 2005, recently signed with the Washington Redskins to play next season.

Carter told Torontoist that “the book hopes to encourage couples to work on what they have, making what they have better. The book is about the topic of love and male/female interactions. It shows the guys point of view, and emphasizes how even though the feelings are present, a lot of things go unsaid.” The purple prose of the news release promises that Fiery Scenes of Seduction “will create an irresistible passion and kindle the seduction in every lover’s heart. Carter stimulates readers with intimate desires and introduces them to enticing scenes and sonnets that conjure up the perfect mood for unforgettable love.”

The book is being released through U-Tour Publishing. I couldn’t find out anything about them so I don’t know if they’re a self-publishing operation, a print-on-demand, or just a highly exclusive boutique publisher of works (or at least news releases) that sound like they were written by Chef from South Park.

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