McInerney Podcast Details

I spoke to the talented folks at Knopf and got some useful information about the Jay McInerney podcasting spree while he tours in support of The Good Life.

As of yesterday, the book’s official website is up and running. All the podcasts can be found here. There are already two files from late January and he’ll be adding to the series as he moves about the country.

Jay is the first Knopf author to use this strategy and the series of podcasts should provide interesting insights into life as a book-touring-author. For all of us that hope to someday travel around and sign our work, Jay’s podcasts should give us an idea of what it’s like. Bon Jovi and Motley Crue made those moving, emotional, heartfelt, sincere videos that revealed life on the road for a rock band. Now, McInerney is giving us an all-access pass to a book tour. I don’t know if fans will crush his limo, or if women will throw their underwear, or if the sound tech will have to lift an exhausted performer from the stage, but they should be interesting nonetheless.

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