Moss Snorts a Huge Book Contract


Last week, I remarked how it is often mistakenly said that this culture builds people up and then tears them down. However, we also let them back up off the mat again. Although it’s true that we do adore a good scandal and fall from grace, we also are enchanted by tales of redemption and recovery. So if you’re a celebrity out there, and you can just grit your teeth through the public flogging long enough, you are sure to be rewarded.

Case in point… on Friday, Publishers Marketplace reported that Kate Moss just signed a deal with Virgin for her memoir. Just a few months after photographic evidence of the supermodel lounging with a pile of cocaine, this literary masterwork fetches a reported $1.8 million.

I’m not saying that our scandalized celebrities should be exiled to a remote island, deprived of food, sleep, and water, and forever tortured in a Sisyphean orgy of humiliation. But we can’t shed too many tears for our debauched celebs either. This book deal is further proof that scandal doesn’t hurt a celebrity in the long run and it may even benefit their career. So hang in there, James, if you can tough it out, there’s still hope!

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