Frey Returns to Oprah


A friend of mine, the princess of the peachy day, alerted me late last night that James Frey is returning to Oprah’s show today. According to her website, Frey and others are appearing on the show today to answer the talkshow goddess’ questions. “The Oprah’s Book Club selection A Million Little Pieces. The headlines. The controversy. Now, like many of you, Oprah has a million little questions. James Frey, his publisher, and leading journalists—who’ve had strong opinions—join us for the hour.”

It will be interesting to see if Oprah continues to stand by her man, as she did when she called the Larry King show or if she turns on him. Some of this stuff is getting hard to ignore and with each day, Frey’s defense of “well, I must have remembered it differently” is getting harder to believe.

Recently, Debra Jay, a Michigan addiction counselor who once worked at the rehab facility described in A Million Little Pieces, said “His description of treatment at Hazelden is almost entirely false.” Jay is a frequent guest on Oprah’s show and has appeared six times. Jay claims that she told Oprah’s producers before Frey’s original appearance that his claims were untrue. An article in the New York Times states “a senior producer for the The Oprah Winfrey Show conducted an extensive interview with Ms. Jay. It is not known if Ms. Winfrey was apprised of the concerns, but she made no mention of the potential discrepancies in her many on-the-air comments about A Million Little Pieces, including when she called the book ‘all completely true’ on her program and told Mr. Frey, ‘I don’t doubt you.'”

Tune in today to see what happens next in this ongoing saga. Check here for local listings.

photo and caption from The Smoking Gun

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