King As Valuable As Joyce

At least almost equal in the eyes of one enterprising eBayer…

I’m fascinated by eBay. The way people price their wares is amazing. Sometimes you find incredible bargains, other times you find outlandishly high prices. You decide on this case.

A book dealer in New York is offering an uncorrected proof of Stephen King’s Carrie for a Buy It Now price of $175,000. Meanwhile, last week, a number of the book blogs picked up this article from Britain’s Telegraph stating that a signed first edition of James Joyce’s Ulysess is the most valuable 20th Century novel. The article states that the Joyce collectible is valued at a hundred thousand pounds, which converts to $178,610 dollars.

Obviously, this is all speculation, and one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and all that stuff. If you can get the price you want, more power to ya. Like Dre said, a fool and his dough soon split, so when you come across a fool get all that you can get. Afterall, I’m drooling and willing to drop a rent payment on this signed Erik Estrada memoir but there may actually be some silly, misguided folks who aren’t interested in adding this text to their fine book collection. That just means more for me!

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