Penthouse Turning Over a New Fig Leaf?


The great reporters over at Mediabistro commented on a couple of recent defections from Playboy to rival Penthouse. The most recent turnover featured publisher Diane Silberstein leaving Hef behind and joining the reanimated Penthouse staff, prompting commentators to speculate on the direction of the magazine. “Considering how Penthouse has tamed its content under the new, post-Guccione management, and considering its ability to lure real magazine industry talent aboard, could it be (gasp!) a legit magazine again?” Mediabistro folks wondered.

I don’t know about how we can measure their legitimacy or not, but for those of you who aren’t bashful, this might be a publication worth examining. Sometimes, aspiring authors have more luck breaking into a publication during a regime change in the editorial staff. Here’s a magazine with a circulation of 640,000 and pay scale that can be in the thousands.

So if you’re not afraid of what Mom, Dad, and Mrs. Dennison your third grade teacher might say, this could be a market worth some submissions.

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