Finally! An Answer of What to Do with Fluffy


All your problems are solved. Here’s a book deal that we can all agree is desperately needed. According to reports from Publishers Marketplace, a deal was recently signed for a book that will teach you what to do with dead pets. No longer will you have to lie to the kids and say that Muffin went to live somewhere else, instead, you’ll be able to keep man’s best friend around for decades. Get Stuffed: The Home Taxidermist’s Handbook, a “guide to making useful household objects out of your dead, stuffed pets” was sold to Lindsey Moore at Crown/Three Rivers Press, for publication in 2007.

Now you can make your own squirrel liquor decanter like the one pictured above. If you can’t wait until 2007 when Get Stuffed is published, you can contact talented taxidermy artist Sarina Brewer for your own squirrel decanter for about $325.

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