A Paperback Da Vinci… Finally


After literally years of speculation about when a paperback version of The Da Vinci Code would be released, details began to trickle out on Friday about an Anchor Books mass-market edition.

Publishers Weekly reported that Anchor will release the paperback on March 28, 2006 and although details are closely guarded by the publisher, estimates for the paperback print run are more than 2.5 million copies.

I talk to a lot of folks who asked me, “is there anyone in the world who wants to read this book but hasn’t already? How can this thing continue to sell?” The Publishers Weekly story answered that very question. “With hardcover sales of 12 million in North America in less than three years, Da Vinci will be back at #1 on PW‘s hardcover fiction list next Monday after slipping as low as #13 on November 7 (and off the New York Times printed list on November 13). For Allison Elsby, category manager for genre fiction at Borders & Walden, that’s the strongest sign that plenty of people still haven’t read the book and that demand for the paperback will be strong.”

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