Open Letter to Santa


I know, I know… it’s a bit late to be printing letters addressed to Santa Claus. But I was visiting relatives over the holidays and they don’t have internet access. They also don’t know how to change the alarm clocks (I have to make a housecall whenever the time changes) and they don’t trust too many gadgets in their car because “it’s just one more thing that can break.” So forgive me for being late about this. But I just read an interesting and humorous letter to the Book Biz Santa over at Buzz, Balls, & Hype that’s well worth your time.

This letter to Santa doesn’t ask for toys, or cars, or unicorns, or Xbox 360’s. Instead, they want some hope and kindness for writers. “It isn’t that writers haven’t been good this year,” the letter states. “The ones I hear from, and the ones I see in my practice, are definitely candidates for your ‘nice’ list. They work hard at their writing. They take classes and join critique groups and apply to MFA programs. Although most consider writing what they ‘really’ do, they also slave away at day jobs to pay the bills and support their families. So what is the problem? They deserve sugarplums and they’ve been getting lumps of coal.”

It’s a pretty funny post. I can’t link directly to it, so just go to the main page and then scroll down to this December 23rd post.

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