Baer and Clevenger Reading a Rousing Success

Last week, I mentioned my envy of Portland residents as Will Christopher Baer and Craig Clevenger were descending upon Powell’s Books for a joint signing. Reports from the field are that it was an amazing evening of literature. Clevenger took the stand first and read selections from chapter 1 and chapter 10 of Dermaphoria. Baer also skipped around his novel Hell’s Half Acre and focused on the situations involving amputee fetishes and the rape of Jude; topics always sure to entertain and horrify. The duo then answered questions, signed books, and generally hung out with the fans in attendance.

One of the best compliments to these great writers came from one fan in attendance who said he felt like he had spent the evening in the company of good friends, as opposed to someone he had just met.

So all in all, this sounds like a great evening and high recommendations for people in towns still yet to be hit by the Baer-Clevenger tour bus. According to the tour dates listed on Clevenger’s website, the next joint appearance is December 1st at City Lights in San Francisco. Be sure to catch the show!

And special thanks to Mick and THX 1138 for their observations about the great reading at Powell’s.

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