James Patterson from a Business Perspective

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A couple of the blogs are talking about a profile of bestselling author James Patterson that appeared in the New York Times recently. The article wasn’t in the books section, but rather, the business pages of the newspaper. Patterson, who the article states made $40 million last year, “has had four hardcover books on the best-seller list this year, three with co-authors. Each made its debut at No. 1 on the New York Times best-seller list. He has had 29 best sellers since publishing his first mystery, The Thomas Berryman Number, in 1976.” The article states his total worth is more than $100 million.

Some time ago, somebody asked me about the other names that appear on his books. This article explains that aspect of his work as well. “Mr. Patterson said he often worked with co-authors because he believed that he was more proficient at creating the story line than at executing it. ‘I found that it is rare that you get a craftsman and an idea person in the same body,’ Mr. Patterson said. ‘With me, I struggle like crazy. I can do the craft at an acceptable level, but the ideas are what I like.’ He said the co-authors received a flat fee and, most often, credit on the book cover.”

How do you sign up for that gig? Anyway, check out the entire article here.

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