Kiss Me, Judas Italian Promo Film

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On Tuesday, I mentioned the release of Will Christopher Baer’s fantastic Phineas Poe Omnibus. The collection is comprised of three novels detailing the exploits of San Francisco’s disgraced cop. The first part of the trilogy is Kiss Me, Judas in which Poe loses his kidney, and his heart, to a mysterious woman named Jude. For those of you not familiar with Baer’s writing, here is a great intro…

For the Italian version of the novel, translated to Baciami, Giuda, some folks put together a short promotional video. Now THIS is how a noir novel should be promoted. It’s always a challenge to promote books in today’s culture, but Baer supporters use the street team approach and his publishers, both domestic and international, always seem to come up with interesting a novel (no pun intended) ways to spread the word about his work. And this promotional video is a fantastic idea.

It’s in Italian, but you don’t have to speak the language to get a good idea of the frozen edge Baer’s work carries. After clicking on the link, select “alta risoluzione” for high resolution, high-speed or “bassa risoluzione” for low-speed access. Take some deep breaths and fill your lungs, ’cause the air is going to be completely sucked out of your chest after seeing this marvel.

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