Dermaphoria Day

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Copies have been leaking out for some time now, but today is the official release date of Craig Clevenger’s new novel Dermaphoria. Author of the word-of-mouth phenomenon, The Contortionist’s Handbook, Clevenger has created a masterwork with this new one. Dermaphoria is the story of Eric Ashworth as he wakes up in jail, horribly burned and unable to remember what happened, and then goes about trying to piece together the puzzle of his life. Eric begins to find the solution to his amnesia in a new hallucinogen that synthesizes the sense of touch. The drug produces a disjointed series of sensations that allows Eric to remember his former life as a clandestine chemist. Clevenger writes with an eye toward images and metaphor that most of us would simply never dream of but that he executes with ease.

We’ll have more in-depth coverage of this fantastic new book throughout this week. Luminaries such as Chuck Palahniuk said that Clevenger’s first novel “is the best book I have read in easily five years. Easily. Maybe ten years” and Dermaphoria is sure to elicit similar high praise. Keep an eye out for our other coverage, but for now, pick up your copy here and enjoy as we celebrate Dermaphoria Day.

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