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There were a couple of interesting book deals that caught my eye last week.

–Our pals at MacAdam/Cage locked up Marshall Karp’s The Rabbit Factory which centers around a series of murders targeted toward a California theme park. James Patterson says that Karp “could well be the Carl Hiassen of Los Angeles” which is high praise, and of course, the M/C gang always do such good work that I’ll give ’em a pass for treading on near-sacred ground for me by using the same title as Larry Brown’s final novel.

–Firing a shot across the bow of my lifelong wish to be a pirate, maritime historian Douglas R. Burgess Jr. sold Harbor the Devil: The Secret Alliance Between the World’s Most Notorious Pirates and America’s First Governors to McGraw-Hill.

Outside contributing editor Peter Heller sold Impact Zone to the Free Press. The book details Heller’s trip down the Pacific Coast in an old VW van (naturally) as he struggles to go from surfing novice to big-barrel pau lehia in a single year. All at the age of 46.

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